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Established in 2019, Kaleidorug creates artefacts in the forms of tapestry using modular interchangeable structures.

The rugs follow a design process for their ideation and creation, and are manufactured by some of the best producers in the industry, following ethical standards.

The means Kaleidorug can offer the client both pre-existing and bespoke possibilities of rugs, modular and/or regular.

Every rug can be considered a variable that can change the outcome.

Every rug is designed and engineered in formulas that form configurations.

Like a mathematical formula combining elements (Shapes) that are interchangeable within the same configuration. These come also in various scales.

Kaleidorug is the execution of two disciplines: Product Design and Surfacee Design. The result is not just luxury flooring but the creation of an individual art piece that can be also in collaboration for the client.

A book by Roland Barthes I received as a gift titled “THE FASHION SYSTEM” was the first spark that pushed me to look at product design not just as something based upon aesthetic theory and form/function research and development, but as mathematical formulas and values in terms of variables and signs / codes.  Despite being already familiar with coding and design from early education that went all the way back to the 90’s, I still didn’t quite formulate and apply this to the world of design  and practical product development. 



Every design practice
is a love story
that starts in a time and place of a great significance

Fast Forward –  2008 at London College of Communication.  Post-grad study year of Visual Communication where we were presented a brief by the course director that said NETWORKS . 

One word and absolutely no direction. I decided to think of Networks as possible ecosystems. And back then I didn’t have much understanding of as many networks except I thought I knew a little about Fashion Networks and how it worked .., or at least how it looked it worked since my Fashion Design studies at  the prestigious Parisian school ESMOD. I chose THE FASHION SYSTEM as a starting point to develop The Networks Project. 

I imagined scenarios and structured the project as mathematical formulas and pseudo-codes that translated visually.  Being on a Visual Communication course, I also worked with typography and imagined the shapes of Cornel Windlin’s alphabet – MOON-BASE ALPHA as starting point and transformed them into giant letters and communication mediums that shift and juxtapose with variables and certain external influences/ numeric, emotional and other .. 

This led to a catalogue of works that were the basis of the coming 10 years of my practice as an artist and designer. 

Late 2016 , I was asked to create installation at Sketch London during the London Design Week in 2017 . I created a new body of work where I started from imagining the forms as three-dimensional objects,.. Kinetic, light and other modular moving parts and other mixed media interpretations with a certain system that runs it , I called the show “SYSTEMS + NETWORKS”.

I continued to develop these ideas in my art practice into much complex works, drawings, technical blue-prints, digital artworks, videos and exhibition plans – The most significant was a plan for an imagined installation exhibit named “Networks Matrix”. This included a floor installation which was inspired by my visit to Art Basel that Summer/ June 2017 and a trip to the Kunstmuseum Basel / Gegenwart. I sent this plan to Paul Smith’s office for a possible collaboration. This led to a show hosted by Paul Smith in London at their showroom at Albemarle street in 2019.

Along with new series of interactive set of installations I designed for this new show called NETWORKING SERENDIPITIES I also influenced by a conversation with the design team I started working on the blue prints of my upcoming brand of designer rugs and produced my first  unique edition rug /floor installation. A One-off artefact which was the genesis of KALEIDORUG.  

This rug was called the same title as the artwork  “IT’S AN OVERKILL” , An auto-portrait I created for the same show. 

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