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Please note that our sales representative for the following countries:

  • Germany, Austria, Switzerland
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  • Turkey

is Lehel Art Trade Partners GmbH, Munich/Hamburg, Germany

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Lehel Art Trade Partners GmbH
Zippelhaus 5a (Nobelshof, backbuilding)
20457 Hamburg/Germany

Dr. Thomas Kuhmann (Managing Partner)
Mobile number: +49/176 646 13 735

Kaleidorug Ltd. Company Number 11802554.

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“ KALEIDORUG ™ is the first modular designer rug brand. It has a unique IP as product, shapes and components, construction as well as surface design. In KALEIDORUG concept, technology meet engineered design and principles, form luxury bespoke masterpieces to functional practical design objects.

KALEIDORUG ™  is a customizable Luxury product design made with the highest quality detailed materials and finishing. It follows a methodical  system of generating infinite designs.

KALEIDORUG LTD is based in the UK , founded in 2019 by multidisciplinary artist/designer Taline Temizian .

The KALEIDORUG DNA is based on “THE NETWORKS PROJECT”. This has unique IP and registered designs that form the foundations of the brand as rug designs as well as advanced product designs with unique modular systems.

It is KALEIDORUG’s objective to offer products that are sustainable and eco-friendly through the use of sustainable material in all components that enter into its items’ production, including Yarns, packaging, etc…, thus contributing to minimizing the depletion of the earth’s resources.

KALEIDORUG’s  seeks to be attentive to Animal Welfare and supporting to reducing animal suffering to a minimum or even eliminating it.

Designed & engineered in our London studio, Kaleidorug ™ is constructed by precise software systems in formulas that make it the utmost versatile and practical must-have for a contemporary living where home and workspace intersect.

Kaleidorug makes it possible to infinitely arrange the rugs in any space whether Residential or commercial.

The concept is to create modular rugs made up of giant letters that interchange and come apart like puzzle, making flexible interiors an easy option.

KALEIDORUG™ Also includes regular (non-modular) rugs with both conventional and unconventional shapes and weaves.

KALEIDORUG™ is hand-tufted or robot-tufted

KALEIDORUG™ is first and foremost a system of designing rugs. It is a way of redefining space and product within that space.
This system can build endless configurations and infinite designs with the existing shapes or new invented shapes. This means that our designs are endless and constantly innovative.

All shapes and configurations are scalable.

KALEIDORUG™ Small, Medium, Large configurations “The modular puzzle” & “ Levitating” format are the two main systems of construction we offer.